Call for papers: Rationalism and Mysticism in Jewish Philosophy: Sources and Contexts

Saint-Petersburg State University
The Department of Jewish Culture
International conference "Rationalism and Mysticism in Jewish Philosophy: Sources and Contexts"

Call for Papers

The Department of Jewish Culture of Saint-Petersburg State University, in collaboration with the International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will host a three-day conference "Rationalism and Mysticism in Jewish Philosophy: Sources and Contexts».
The aim of the conference is to examine the essential issue of Jewish thought, meaningful throughout the entire history of Jewish philosophy - the interaction between rationality and mysticism.
The topic of the conference provides an overview of the broadest spectrum of Jewish philosophical teachings, both in chronological and spatial terms. Jewish mysticism has been the focus of research in Israel and Western Europe throughout the 20th century, which qualifies the interaction between rationality and mysticism as highly perspective research field. Furthermore, the attention to various forms of interaction between rationality and mysticism is specific to Russian philosophical tradition, which allows the observation of
similarities between the latter and the Jewish thought.
Conference sessions will be divided chronologically and thematically, and will include discussions on mystical and rationalistic Jewish thought in the ancient period (Biblical and Post-Biblical era), and in later periods
(medieval Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah, Hasidism, modern and contemporary Jewish Philosophy,).
As 2018 marks 100 years since the death of Hermann Cohen, an important part of the conference will be devoted to the consideration of the interaction of rationalistic and mystical ideas developed in the framework of Neo-Kantianism and the philosophy of dialogue.
The conference will address the following topics:
1. Jewish mysticism and other intellectual traditions.
2. Jewish philosophical rationalism and other rationalist philosophies.
3. Interaction between rationalistic and mystical trends in Judaism and other religious traditions.
4. Jewish Thought in Russian culture, Russian philosophy and Jewish thought in dialogue
5. Hermann Cohen's philosophy, Russian and Jewish versions of Neo-Kantianism
The Journal Judaica Petropolitana ( may publish participants'
papers extended to a standard article length.
Working languages: English, Hebrew, Russian
The deadline for application is April 10, 2018
Timeline and place: St. Petersburg, May 29-31, 2018
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For further information and paper proposals please write to Ilya Dvorkin [], Igor Kaufman
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Contact Info:
Dr. Prof. Igor Tantlevskiy, Chair of the Department of Jewish Culture, Chair of the Conference Organizing Commitee
Ilya Dvorkin, Co-Chair of the Conference Organizing Commitee

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